A NASM certified personal trainer, model, fitness instructor, and stroke survivor. After having a stroke at age 23, she decided to dedicate her life to inspire others to adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Her playlists will have you dancing in your boat and her energy will inspire your best. So join the sweat party and row your way to a new you with Ally.

Ally's mantra: Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.

Favorite move on the boat: Hitting those corners!

Favorite artist: Michael Jackson.

Who inspires you most: My rowers.

Guilty pleasure: French fries, obv.


Connecticut native and hip-hop dance choreographer, Emily fell in love with Current at first row. She brings her passion for music and movement to every class. Let her energy and enthusiasm for hip-hop inspire you to connect body, mind, and boat. As a music industry professional, her playlists are expertly curated to energize and push you past your wildest limits. Emily believes you can achieve anything with determination, drive, and the right playlist.

Your mantra? "You always think you can't until you do"

Favorite move on the boat? Laying it back!

Favorite artist? J. Cole

Guilty pleasure? Cheese. All the cheese.


A professional Hip-Hop Dance and Barre instructor, Daigi loves a good bass and has a real attention to detail. She enjoys long-boarding, performing and rehearsing in her free time, and also likes to make sure that there aren't any sales in SoHo that she doesn't already know about. As an avid music lover and professional good-timer, Current was a perfect fit for Daigi. She's an Uptown girl with an upbeat but laid back vibe and a passion for acting and dance, putting her BFA to good use by always bringing the show to the row.

Favorite Inspirational quote? "Nah." -Rosa Parks, 1955

Favorite move on the boat: Corners!

Favorite artist: At the moment: SZA Overall: Janet Jackson

Who inspires you most: My friends.

Guilty pleasure: Wine and Beer!


Blake was born in Manhattan and currently lives downtown with her husband, their 4 children and their 3 adopted cats. She is constantly on the go and loves to challenge herself and others to sweat once a day. Her music in class ranges from rock, rap, alternative and old school hip hop and her positive outlook on life inspires your best on and off the boat. She likes to call it "sweat therapy."

Your mantra? "Impossible is just an opinion"

Favorite move on the boat: Sprints

Favorite artist: That's like asking me to pick a favorite child!

Who inspires you most? People who push forward despite difficulties or limitations that life throws their way.

Guilty pleasure? I have no time for guilt!


Simone is back! New York City native, Simoné brings her down to earth personality and athletic background to her classes at Current. A professional actress and dancer, Simoné encourages you to let go and live your most authentic self in and out of the studio. Her sing along playlists include pop, alternative, and hip hop. Half therapy and half dance party, get ready to make waves, make changes, and have fun doing it.

Your mantra? "When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance."

Favorite move: Sprints!

Favorite artist: Changes constantly, but right now I can’t stop listening to Florence & The Machine.

Favorite visual artist: Monet

Who inspires you most? Art and the ones that create it.

Guilty pleasure? Wine and cheese.