"In this candlelit Tribeca indoor rowing studio, an Outdoor Voices–wearing crowd works up a sweat in 45-minute sessions that combine bursts of cardio with music-driven choreography."

"The name says it all. White-washed studio, minimalist modern decor, and low-impact rowing to upbeat tunes. It will be you and ten other girls in the latest OV gear. Forget any other rowing class you’ve been too."

"Why Indoor Rowing Might Replace Your Next Spin Class"


“Obviously, I had to try it. So, I hydrated, put on my favorite purple lululemon get-up and I skipped, scooted and skedaddled on over to experience the phenom for myself. First thing you need to know: it's like a dance class on a rowing machine, so there is a level of cadence that comes with experience, but for the most part it's super easy to catch on. Second thing that you need to know: Holy abs, Batman! They are not exagerrating when they say it's a full-body workout. You will literally be sore from head to toe, and in places that can be neglected, like your back. The music was fantastic, and I felt like I got a great interval of quicker sprints and hills, just like one would while running or in a spinning class. Basically it's a fantastic combo of resistance training and cardio, which is perfect because #HiSummer.”"

"This Indoor Rowing Class Gave Me A Full-Body Burn Like I’ve Never Known"


“Ten minutes before my class at New York’s Current rowing studio, I was five blocks away and sprinting toward the door. With minutes to spare, I pounded up the stairs and greeted my instructor, sweating. I have virtually no experience with rowing, short of the occasional canoe ride. It’s clear meticulous planning has gone into optimizing the bright space. The walls are painted an Instagram-friendly white, with enough succulents and Diptyque candles present to make any lifestyle-blogger swoon. And then, without more than a minute to settle in, Beyoncé growled the opening lines of “Formation” over the speaker system. The instructor turned the lights down, and we were rowing. For those, like me, who may think rowing is a fun thing you do in paddle boats on summer vacation, I must tell you you’re wrong. This is Ivy League sh*t. As a crew, we pushed and pulled our way through sets of sprints, “power” pushes and ab-centric resistance exercises. And, the next morning, I woke with shoulder muscles, abs and legs that felt as if I’d run a half-marathon. If you’re looking to maximize burn while toning your full body and participating in the kind of community-oriented fitness class that’s become so popular, I can’t recommend Current enough. It’s so cool, I’d even sacrifice a weekend to take a class with a friend, and that’s my highest compliment."


“The Zen-white studio features 16 sleek rowing machines, led by a coxswain in the center. The crowd: TriBeCa moms losing baby weight, and spinning refugees in brightly colored Flyknits and high ponytails.”

“boasts customized rowing machines that work your core”

“A new boutique studio in downtown Manhattan lights the room with candles and blasts top 40 while rowing to the beat of the music.”

“Each 45-minute class is filled with "heart-pumping" music and led by energetic instructors in a dimly-lit room”

"The lighting goes dark once the rowing starts, except for a spot on the instructor, so you feel like you’re in your own space."